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San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
Facing federal criminal charges is ominous.  The Federal sentencing guidelines are very harsh and conviction rates are extremely high.  While state courts are often overburdened and local prosecutors cannot take even a small portion of their case load to trial, Federal court is a different story.  Assistant US Attorneys (AUSAs) are the federal prosecutors, and they keep a small, hand-picked caseload.  Federal crimes can range from simple matters like DUI on federal land, all the way up to serious organized crime operations involving murder, drugs, racketeering and more.  The US Attorneys office chooses which cases to make a priority and branch offices will typically focus on specific types of offenses.  Fraud (and other white collar crime), bank robbery, child pornography, human trafficking, weapons trafficking/smuggling and drug trafficking/smuggling make up a large percentage of federal criminal charges.  Federal prosecutors also like to file charges in cases that are easy to prove and keep conviction rates high (to further their careers, and to scare other defendants with daunting numbers).  These offenses often include felon in possession of a firearm and illegal re-entry (and other immigration offenses).

Due to the vast resources allocated to federal prosecutions, the small caseloads of federal prosecutors and the extremely harsh penalties for conviction, very few federal cases make their way to trial.  Federal prosecutors typically offer a "fast track" plea option that permits for a downward variance in sentencing.  Federal defense attorneys can also argue in a sentencing memorandum that there are factors which permit the defendant to be sentenced below the sentence recommended by the sentencing guidelines.  The federal sentencing guidelines provide such harsh punishments in an effort to "climb up the ladder" and get defendants to become informants against co-conspirators and bigger players in a criminal enterprise.  This tactic has been successful in bringing down major organized crime organizations.  D
efendants who incriminate others (often going undercover to make buys from higher up drug or weapons dealers, or wear a wire to get someone to admit to fraud or money laundering) get reduced sentences for their cooperation.  If you or a loved one is facing federal criminal charges, know that the stakes could not be higher.  Having an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate criminal defense attorney is absolutely essential.

Federal drug crimes typically involve large amounts of drugs, smuggling across the border or transportation across state lines.  The biggest difference between facing state and federal criminal charges is the possible sentence.  Depending on the defendant's record, a federal drug crime could send a defendant away for 20+ years, while the same offense might only garner 2-3 years in state court.  The DEA and FBI agents who investigate federal offenses conduct very professional, thorough investigations and are very careful not to make the mistakes that might be more likely at the local level.  Moreover, the prosecutors will often have very impressive qualifications and work under more favorable conditions.  A federal drug crime charge is extremely serious.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for a federal drug crime in San Diego, contact the Law Offices of Nicholas Loncar for a free consultation.

Illegal entry, illegal re-entry, evading immigration proceedings, immigration fraud, smuggling aliens and smuggling contraband are all extremely serious offenses and are prosecuted very harshly.  Passing through the US-Mexico border, it is evident that security is tight and our government devotes significant resources towards controlling borders.  Nonetheless, people, drugs, guns, counterfeit items, and prescription medications make their way across that seemingly secured border on a daily basis.  Being in the country illegally subjects many illegal aliens to removal or deportation proceedings, but also to federal crimes.  Those who have already been deported and re-enter the country illegally face especially tough sentences, often serving significant time in federal prison prior to another deportation.

Fraud, money laundering, anti-trust violations, embezzlement, tax evasion, bribery and more are serious crimes, and are frequently filed in federal court.  White collar criminal defendants face harsher penalties than ever before, often facing harsher penalties than drug and weapon dealers. 

Child pornography and human trafficking are crimes that are uniquely serious and are frequently targeted by federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  With great funding and ample time to pursue these offenses, the federal system makes it very hard to get off easy when it comes to sex offenses.  If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a federal sex crime, you need a passionate, aggressive and experienced attorney on your side.

The most common federal weapons offense is felon in possession of a firearm.  Federal law imposes a lifetime firearm ban on convicted felons.  When a convicted felon is found in possession of a firearm, federal prosecutors do not need much to prove the case.  A certified copy of the defendant's record and the officer's testimony that the defendant possessed a firearm are sufficient.

Federal crimes are serious and carry very severe consequences.  If you or a loved one is facing federal criminal charges in San Diego, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the western United States, you need a skilled attorney on your side.  Due to proximity to Tijuana, San Diego criminal defense and federal crime are closely connected.  Whether an immigration/border offense, drugs, weapons or white collar, it is important to have a detail-oriented, intelligent and knowledgeable attorney on your side fighting for your rights and liberty

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